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Introducing the Aeropup

Aeropup two seat Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is a fully customizable factory finished aircraft of superb quality, in a fast and easy assembly kit, perfectly suited to first time builders. The aircraft is a high performing high wing STOL aircraft with exceptional handling, performance, specification, comfort and payload that cannot be matched by its competitors. The AEROPUP is exciting to fly. Its very responsive and exceptionally well-coordinated controls makes a real fun and engaging aircraft capable of operating from the shortest and roughest strips, whilst efficiently cruising at 100 knots.  Exceptional strength; the welded Cr Mo steel fuselage is much stronger than bolted together tubes. It was design to be SAFE and STRONG, and has a PERFECT SAFETY RECORD.  Contact Fielden Aero or click Aeropup Brochure for more info.  Let us get you airborne!

Aeropup Specifications

Cabin Width (2 Passengers) 42 inches
Height (Seat to Roof Skylight)          37 inches
Length   19.9 Feet
Wing Span  27 Feet
Wing Chord   4 Feet
Wing Area 108 Sq Feet
VNE 130 Knots
Airspeed (Max) 100 Knots
Stall Speed (Max Flaps) 36 Knots
Rate of Climb 1800 FPM
Fuel Tank Capacity 25 Gallons
Endurance 6 Hours
Fuel Burn 3 GPH
Empty Weight 685 Ibs
Max Take Off Weight 1200 Ibs